Toronto - Overwatch 2 Blizzcon 2019 Demo

Toronto has been a really special map for me as I lived in the city for a bit over 5 years and I have so many good memories with friends there. As such it was an honor to help write this love letter to the city, and help to imagine what it would be like in the Overwatch universe. It has been a ton of fun to work on, and I hope that we as a team have done this amazing city the justice it deserves. Be aware that this is the version for the 2019 Blizzcon demo, and the map is subject to change by release.

Simon Fuchs and I worked on this map from blockout through finalization for the Blizzcon 2019 demo, and we were both involved with many different areas of the map.

Philip Klevestav did an awesome job with the background and vistas, Travis Castillo helped with building storefront finalization, signage, and final polish. Dion Rogers did the lighting and vegetation work.

All Overwatch maps are a group effort and many people were involved in the creation of this. Shoutout to Bill Petras, Llia Yu, Peter Lee, Lindsay Johnson.